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Uttar Pradesh


Prerna Lakshya- Foundational Literacy and Numeracy across Grade 1 to 5. All interventions of the mission will together ensure that at least 80% of the Students of each School and block acquire foundational Learning Skills and to be declared as Prerak Blocks, Prerak Districts and Prerak Mandals which will ultimately lead to a Prerak Pradesh.



How long was this vision exercise, what was the scope of the vision ex - only for primary grade, till secondary school etc. What tools were used for this exercise (for data collection, for consultation etc)

Grade 1-5:80% of primary school students to achieve the Prerna Lakshya by 2022



Who were the people involved in this project from the govt/dept side? What are their profiles? Who was the Nodal? Who chaired the entire exercise? Etc.

Shri Vijay Kiran Anand, DGES, UP CM


Organisations and external advisors

Which external organizations were involved? Who were the advisors? What is their profile?

CSF, Govt. of UP, Samagra teams

Project / Programs

What are the initiatives driven from the Vision? Brief about the projects, their objective and scope.

  • Prerna Ghoshna

  • Mentoring & Monitoring of teachers

  • Mission Prerna Dashboard - Data Integration

  • Third party assessment

  • Re-engineering of governance structures



What has been the impact of the vision exercise? Some numbers to support

Removal of ghost student enrollment - by linking student enrollment in schools with Aadhar

14 registers to be filled- reduction in administrative time

Increase in school enrollment


What are the challenges encountered in implementing the vision, if any?

Multiple partners, alignment and complementing the various interventions

Research by CoLab; Packaged by CoLab; Used for Punjab education reform

For any updates, support or queries, feel free to email us at

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