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Enriching Learning Experiences

This research article aims to present the elements of a child’s environment, based on the volume of research done by educationists, teachers, and organisations, that make school and learning lessons pleasurable for every child. These elements are studied at the school, classroom, and community levels.


Impact of School Leadership and District Leadership on Student Outcomes
A Scoping Review 

A comprehensive overview of the best practices–substantiated and validated by evidence-based research across the world –that school and district leaders can employ to improve student learning outcomes.


School Reintegration

This literature review gives insights about areas of concern after lengthy school closure and ways to address these challenges, so that we can effectively bring students back to school. It is important to keep in mind that most of this research is from North American and European contexts.


Monitoring and Evaluation

​This research shares details about the following:

  • What are Monitoring & Evaluation?

  • The purpose of M&E

  • The World Bank M&E process (the standard process)

  • Participatory M&E - involving various stakeholders

  • Practical considerations when conducting M&E

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