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Research and Design Specialist / Lead

We are an enthusiastic and passion-driven team looking to co-create a global community for education equity by building evidence in education. We develop and disseminate evidence-informed solution packages to address the challenges in the education ecosystem.


We are looking for a passionate, self-driven and enterprising individual to help build evidence in education and support others in the ecosystem to develop evidence-informed solutions.


You will be responsible for

  • Leading projects that require you to create evidence-informed solutions from the conceptualisation stage to the dissemination stage

    • Create a strategic plan to develop, disseminate and support the implementation/pilot of the solutions

    • Actively create research outputs and solutions

    • Create resources required for the solutions

    • Actively engage with planning and executing the monitoring and evaluation of the solutions

    • Support communication team with documentation of solutions as required

    • Facilitate discussions with stakeholders in the co-creation of the solutions

    • Support with the dissemination of the solutions

  • Document the processes and create reports wherever required

  • Support with building the capacity of the team and others in the ecosystem to do research and design evidence-informed solutions

  • Support with relevant partnerships with different stakeholders/organizations wherever required

Our expectation

  • Systemic thinking

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Prior experience in research

  • Prior experience with building evidence-informed solution packages will be preferred

  • Minimum of 2 years commitment

Location / Time: Bengaluru (Hybrid - at least 3 days working from the office)

Compensation package

  • Opportunity to work closely with different education organizations globally and in India

  • Access to the field in different locations in India

  • Learning and development support to build capacity

  • Medical insurance - individual and dependents

  • Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs per annum (depending on experience and qualification)


Recruitment process (maximum of 3 weeks)

Step 1 - Application - 10 mins

Step 2 - Pre-work (shortlisted candidates) - 60 mins

Step 3 - Interview (shortlisted candidates) - 60 mins

*as on 12th October 2022

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