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School Culture Mela

This solution helps with establishing comfort between teachers and students as this relationship is fundamental to a healthy learning environment. Also, it is important that they become comfortable being in the school environment without fear of Covid. This solution will engage school leaders, teachers and students to develop these relationships through fun, low-stakes games that can be done safely in the school premises.



  • Teachers will play fun, safe games with students using the Games Handbook

  • Teachers will be able to create their own games following the instructions in the handbook


School Expectations

  • School will have a teacher leader committee to organise activities (can follow the instructions in the teacher leader committee handbook)

  • School leaders and teachers will monitor levels of engagement and comfort in the school

How to use these solutions?

  • Making Teacher Leader Group Handbook helps HMs make teacher leader groups to help HMs

  • Teacher Meeting Handbook helps HMs and teacher leaders plan and complete good meetings with teachers

  • Fun Activities Handbook gives teachers fun Covid-safe games, can be used when teachers need ideas for games

  • Teacher Meeting Tracker helps HMs and teacher leaders monitor what has been said during meeting

  • Teacher Feedback Form helps HMs understand how useful the solution has been for teachers

Designed and packages by CoLab; Piloted and implemented by United Way

For any updates, support or queries, feel free to email us at

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